Red Volcanic Seaweed Complex may sound like a science project gone bad but, it's actually one of the most fascinating beauty products I've come across. When you own tons of lotions and potions, everything starts to feel like the same thing. The Red Volcanic Seaweed Complex is a rejuvenating serum that doubles as a primer. You have to love a beauty product that has multiple uses. Esente, the makers have a highly praised line of additional skincare products that I strongly recommend including the Bio-Plex Night Repair and the Bio-Boost Lip Enhancer. The Night Repair has been part of my nighttime beauty routine for over a year and the Lip Enhancer is another multifaceted product. Besides, adding a little plumpness to your pout, it moisturizes, protects your lips from UV rays and also works as a base to help lipstick stay on longer.

Esente Red Volcanic Seaweed Complex

There are tons of skincare lines on the market, I repeat tons and I only scratch the surface of what's out there. If you're looking for a change in your skincare routine, or new issues have starting popping up, like goodbye 29, you really need to give Esente products a try. Unlike a majority of skincare lines on the market, the founders believe that looking great is a lifestyle and the fountain of youth isn't in a jar it's within. Esente will get you hooked but you won't regret it, and you won't stop looking at yourself.