Pearly Whites Stay Pearly

photo ocurtesy of Waterpik

Beauty is more than just fab hair and the best nail polish. Hygiene plays a huge role and without good hygiene, all is wasted. Spraying perfume on funk, or throwing lipstick over chapped lips, it just doesn't look right. Dental Hygiene is a major concern of mine. I don't have cavities but I have had major ortho and periodontal work. One tool that has been recommended over and over again by my dentist, orthodontist and periodontist is the Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser. Yeah, that's a mouthful but it is a must have for those with gum issues or individuals with impacted teeth. The Waterpik literally picks up where your dental floss left off. A high pressure stream of water loosens food particles and residue at a higher impact than traditional methods lessening your chances for gum disease. My routine is flossing, Waterpik followed by brushing and I have seen major improvements in my gums.

A healthy mouth is a necessity and good oral hygiene is linked with a lower risk of heart disease. Pick up a Waterpik at your local Target and get those pearly whites ready for the Summer.