Secrets to Summer Skin

Beauty Month wouldn’t be complete without some words from a leading authority in beauty right? Celebrity make-up artist and blogger, Tamara Delbridge, offered up her favorite products for Beauty Month. Take it from me; I listen to her before I listen to myself!

Celebrity Make-Up Artist, Tamara Delbridge

"Hmm, I’m all over the place right now, combining new brands like Murad which is great for fighting acne and Zeno Hot Spot a device that part zip zapper, part exfoliant. I'm also making use of department store standards like Clinique Even Better, which is excellent for getting rid of dark spots and of course drugstore oldies but goodies like Dove Beauty Bar and Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Oil. "

Since we're on skincare, I'm having a lovely affair with Sponge SkinCare, a line based out of Greece that is all natural as well as Earth friendly. Sponge is paraben and chemical free making it easier to use for those that have sensitive skin, like myself.

Sponge Aromatotherapia Wild Rose Mist

My fave out of the Sponge line has to be the Aromatotherapia Wild Rose Mist. On those steamy afternoons, when you are sticky, this Mist is like a savior. One part cooling agent, one part aromatheraputic and last hydrating. It is just what you need in your purse, while you pound the pavement during those hot humid days. During last week’s brutal heat wave, I whipped out my Wild Rose Mist spritzed myself before a meeting and went about my day feeling fresh and cool.

Sponge Skincare is carried at Barneys NY for more information go to their site or also check out The Derm Store.
Unknown said...

I would love a make over, or a consultation from Tamara!! Like now :D

Unknown said...

Why this is one of your finest posts thus far Shaunya;)

Jeneen+Nicole I have a makeup studio in BK let me know when you're ready :)

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