Out of all the body parts, lips are truly one of the sexiest. Think LL Cool J, think Angelina Jolie. Lips are very sensual, and believe me a defined lip can bring the opposite sex to their knees. The PR team at Booty Parlor sent me over Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Plumping Lip Gloss to try out and as part of Beauty Month and I don't know if it kicked up my sexy, but it did kick my lips up a notch.All three shades that I received, were similar in color, and would work on top of denser colors or by themselves. My mouth is pretty full already but I did feel a little buzz and from the pics, my mouth did look a little plumper.
Kissaholic in Tremble

Kissaholic in Shiver

Kissaholic in Throb

My fave is Shiver, it's just the right nude and personally, they made my lips look the sexiest.
Infused with lip plumping ingredients such as Ginger Root Oil and Chili Extract as well as conditioning treatments and a sort of love potion to increase your libido. So your lips are fuller, softer and sexier, did I feel sexier, I don't know, but my lips did look bigger. The real catcher for me, it's that the gloss doesn't give you that I just ate a bucket of KFC. It goes on smooth, stays on for a long time and isn't tacky. It's great for the Summer, and touch ups are minimal. Booty Parlor has loads of amazing beauty products that help you not only preserve your sexy but get your sexy on as well.