photo courtesy of Macadamia Haircare

You're back from a wonderful holiday weekend and we are kicking off Beauty Month. The days are getting longer and the layers are coming off. In NYC we call June, July and August mating season. Since we are part of the animal kingdom, we have to primp and groom to make ourselves attractive to our mates. Have no fear, if you feel lost you have the entire month to find yourself and your inner peacock. First up, product review for your locks.

I had fallen off the beauty wagon last month and warm days are very inspiring for your vanity. My hair has a new BFF, well more like BPF best product forever, Macadamia Natural Oil. You know, I am all for the oil movement, stay tuned this month as I do reviews on quite a few more oil based haircare products. MNO for short, just launched this year and it has gotten some rave reviews, with just a 5 piece product line. I only tried three, the Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo, the Healing Oil Treatment and the Deep Repair Masque. Combining both Macadamia and Argan Oil, MNO products, are for all hair types. MNO relies heavily on rare oils and additional nutrients. As Argan oil has had a successful track record with me and Macadamia oil has a number of similarities to our body's own natural oils it sounds like food for your tresses.

I have been in a desperate need of a deep conditioner so I used the Oil Treatment and Repair Masque as a pre-poo treatment. Click here for my posts on pre-pooing. I placed a few drops of the Oil Treatment on my scalp, edges and ends, then covered my entire head with the masque, let it sit overnight and had it washed out with the Rejuvenating Shampoo the following morning. Beauty takes time. My hair turned out great, and it felt thicker had amazing bounce and shine. Here is the real kicker, it smelled great! Yes, I know it's been very rough for me to find products that are excellent and leave a nice natural smell to my hair but Macadamia Natural Oil did it. Also, no residue, no flaking, nothing. I know hair well enough that, I can tell MNO, is more of a fortifying treatment that penetrates the actual hair follicle, rather than just laying on top of the hair shaft. Here is the bonus, UV protection, so no sun faded color or heat beat head. Love the extra perks, love the yummy smell and love my bouncy, shiny hair!

Macadamia Natural Oil products range from $8-$46 and can be purchased at salons, Ulta Beauty Stores and select JC Penney locations. For more details go to

Stay tuned it's Beauty Month!