Soak It Out

Noah's Naturals Sea Salt Soak

Summertime can be brutal on my muscles. Between the two a day workouts and the simple pounding of the pavements, my body can feel beat. Achy muscles and hot nights can delay falling to sleep. Rather than just take a quick shower, sometimes my body needs a little more TLC. Drawing a bath is indeed a luxurious experience for me. Add a good soak and have been known to fall asleep in the tub. Noah's Naturals Relaxing Sea Salt Soak elevates the bath to an in house spa like experience. Made naturally from sea salt, aloe, lavender and vegetable proteins, this product makes you say aaaaah bu just reading it.

Muscles ache due to a build up of lactic acid, sea salt draws out those toxins and helps your muscles aid in recovery. In addition, lavender, mother nature's calming agent makes your slumber nice and deep. Noah's Naturals is one of the best Eco friendly beauty lines on the market. It's great for all skin types, contains no harmful sulfates and it's paraben free, my fave. Head over to your closest Walmart, Walgreens or Ulta to get your Sea Salt Soak and let Noah take you away.
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Thank you for the great review! :)