Beauty 911

My inbox gets flooded with promotions from every single e-commerce site, blog and news outlet imaginable. I would say 90% of them get deleted without even opening but whenever I get an email from Lifebooker I bask in the delight of whatever beauty special of the day the have. See I like to consider Lifebooker as Beauty 911. Looking for a great facial under $50- head over to Lifebooker. Cheap massage at an upscale spa- Lifebooker. Last minute blow-out for under $30 Lifebooker. Besides beauty, Lifebooker has excellent fitness promotions as well. I am getting uber excited about 10 class package of Pilates Machine, Pilates Mat and Yoga classes at Movement Salon for are you ready- $65. Yes sixty-five dollars written out so you can absorb the shock.

Lifebooker gives you a list of highly regarded salons, spas and fitness centers that you can then book an appointment via the website. You can filter by neighborhood, service, price and time. Gone are the days of recommendations by friends for a great wax all to be told there all booked o prices have changed. With Lifebooker, you can send a beauty SOS and you will be saved many times over!