Book 'Em

There is nothing like getting lost in a great book. Whether it's curled up on the couch, resting in a hammock or heading uptown on the A train, a great book will let you discover new worlds and also rediscover yourself. Two books I have been raving about are Bitch is the New Black: A Memoir by Helena Andrews and Platinum by Aliya S. King.

Helena Andrews takes a humorous approach to issues that are from funny injustice, stalker ex-boyfriends, and a sorority sister's suicide, Andrews takes a tongue in cheek approach to it all. I coughed up giggles at one chapter she dedicates to her former boss a very well known creative individual who files her dates, still uses an answering machine and suffers from alopecia all while abusing her staff. Bitch is the New Black is an insightful look not only into the world of young Black professional women, it's also an insight into an issue that affects all people, growing pains.

My girl Aliya S. King, who has had an amazing run with her co-writing credit with Faith Evans' memoir as well as former kingpin Frank Lucas' book Original Gangster now has a baby to call her own. Platinum is a stunning portrayal of the domestic side of hip-hop. With characters loosely based on some of urban music's biggest stars and executives, Platinum delves into the lives of long suffering wives, men weakened by the all too tempting sexual forces as well as the life of a very powerful vixen. It's a cautionary tale, a tragedy, and a love story all wrapped into one. Like Danyel Smith's Bliss and Erica Kennedy's Bling, Platinum, is one of the best fiction stories on hip-hop entertainment.

Head over to Amazon sooner rather than later to pick up these two sizzling summer reads, you will so thank me!