Bounce Baby Bounce

It's been a minute guys and no I can't blame it on the heat, I can only say that renovations on an apartment can put your entire life ina a tailspin, that is the only way I can explain last week's lack of posts. Now, to kick off this week I must tell you of this great haircare purchase that I recently made.

Ellin Levar, celebrity hairdresser has a haircare line that is well priced. The beauty junkie that I am took one look at the price and picked up everything that was available, shampoo, detangler, setting lotion and leave in conditioner. Even picked up a few for my mom as well. When I went to the beauty salon, I only packed the setting lotion and detangling mist, sometimes when you have too much of a good thing,it can cause you problems, like packing three conditioners rather than one. My hair has a tendency to tangle after a wash, I blame this on the lady who washed my hair. There is a certain method to washing hair to avoid tangles, some have it some don't. To avoid massive comb terror, I had my girl spritz the Detangling Mist on each section that she combed out. It worked wonders, once she sprayed, she was able to run the comb without a problem. No snags, nothing. When she was ready with the rollers I had her dab the Liquid Motion Setting Lotion. I hopped for the best, most setting lotions have a tendency to leave your hair, hard and crunchy. I prayed this product wouldn't do that to me. Well, what do you know, an hour later we took the rollers out and my hair was soft, but the curls were major. I didn't even use a small roller. After a nice brush out and pin curls, my hair was as a bouncy as a girl in a Luke video. A few days later, after the heat humidity and a couple of three mile runs, I did an at home pin curl no curling iron and I got some pretty good results. Again, volume and softness all without that crunchy affect. Like any true beauty junkie, I ran back to pick up a few more bottles of both the Detangling Mist and the Liquid Motion Setting Lotion. When you get a great product, you stock up no questions asked. The Ellin Levar Haircare Line is making me run out and buy in bulk!