A Diet For Your Wardrobe?

In a recent NYT article, consumers were prosed with the idea of a wardrobe diet of sorts. For thirty days wearing only six pieces from your wardrobe, underwear and accessories not included. I was intrigued but to be honest with you, I would die from fashion starvation if I were forced to participate. The less is more option is truly a thought process that can not be absorbed or practiced by everyone. I like to see myself walking the fine line between minimalism and overkill. I seek balance, I won't say that I have 12 black pair of pants but I do have quiet a few pairs of slacks in different colors and fabrics. With my geek skills, I have even performed combination on my winter wardrobe and came up with 11,762 possible outfit combinations. Working with my wardrobe right now, I could wear a different outfit for 32 years straight without repeating. Am I proud, in a way, but I don't feel as though I have an over abundant wardrobe.

What do I have to judge it buy? I come from the Carrie Bradshaw era, fast fashion and all that good stuff. I pride myself not on new things exactly but new combinations that usually take new things. I also pride my wardrobe on affordable items or once non affordable items purchased on a major discount. I do a little dance when I throw on my Narcisco Rodriguez coat from over eight years ago purchased for all of $13o.

In the Shopper's Diet article many of the individuals who participated had mixed thoughts. Some even dropped out half way thru. One woman hit an epiphany that going forward she would only wear black. It does seem as though dark colors and classics would be the key to the dynamics of a 6 piece wardrobe. In fact, I would only strongly suggest dark colors if you have a limited wardrobe for any other reasons. Bold colors and prints are just too identifiable, you want your wardrobe to not be recognized as one of shortage but rather one of basics.

We do live in a hyper consumerist state. Which was the moral of the story. Many do fall into the mantra that new is great and old is bad. I myself get very excited over new purchases but I get just as excited pulling out gently worn older pieces from my wardrobe and wearing them as well. I have a teal linen button down, I've had since graduating high school, I look forward to pulling it out those first few warm days. I also find great joy in resurrecting a bias cut floral dress my grandmother bought for me when I was just fifteen. I wore it again this summer, it maybe a little more snug in the bust and hip but it still looks great. If one has a healthy relationship with their wardrobe, than there will be a fair trade of and respect of what one has. Taming the urge to buy is hard for a fashionista but buying just for the sake of buying is a whole other story.

Think you want to try the Shopper's Diet? Check out the web challenge Sixitemsorless or the Great American Apparel Diet and put yourself up to it.