Food For Your Skin

I never believed in Santa Claus but I do believe in the UPS/Fedex dude bearing gifts. But what to my surprise when a package arrived last week with a huge Refrigerate Upon Opening sticker. I came to a dramatic pause and wondered whether I had made a recent order to Omaha Steaks. Upon opening, I realized it was more food for my skin rather than an actual rib eye. The Cosmetic Chefs over at The Body Deli has shipped a delicious package of beauty goodies.

The Body Deli truly takes the fresh and organic approach to beauty and skin care. Their line consists of both skin and body care products that are made in small batches using only fresh organic ingredients. I know, I know there are tons of beauty lines claiming to be natural and their product ingredients are still hard to pronounce,none of that at Body Deli which is one of the few lines that actually have expiration dates on their products.

Moroccan Mint Body Oil

The Body Deli's approach is to feed your body from the inside out with ingredients that are at their peak potency and therefore able to deliver it's nutrient rich beauty enhancing facets to you. Of the products that were delivered the Moroccan Mint Body Oil is on daily rotation. Mint is a favorite scent of mine. Mint has amazing aroma therapeutic properties. The Body Oil on super humid days like today is all I dab on. Lotions can be too heavy, the lightness of this oil provides a nice deep glow and deeply penetrates your skin as well. It also makes for a great massage oil and a few drops in your bubble bath are pure heaven. Such a well rounded product,must have, must have!

Head over to The Body Deli for true beauty food and don't forget to refrigerate!