Paging Mr. Draper

photo courtesy of Progressive Pulse

I am a huge fan of AMC's Mad Men. Part of me wants to say that John Hamm who plays the main character Don Draper is why I watch it but it is also because I am a huge nostalgia fan and a history buff. Contemporary programs don't give me as much of a rush as seeing the costumes and manners of days long ago. This Sunday, season four of Mad Men returns and I my girdle is getting tight just thinking about what Betty Draper excuse me Betty Francis will be wearing and what amazing movements for women in the workplace Peggy and Joan will succeed at.

For the second year in a row, Banana Republic has created a marketing promotion campaign inspired by Mad Men. To add to the suspense BR is holding a casting call for a walk on part in season 5 of Mad Men. In addition, BR has quite a few Mad Men inspired styles in store now. For the ladies figuring out whether you're a curvy femme fatale like Joan, girly woman like Peggy or sophisticated ice queen like Betty, Banana has pearls, pencil skirts and cardigans all for you. Gentlemen, you haven't been left out, keep a vest on hand like Roger Sterling, or stock up on French cuff shirts like Don Draper, Mad Men style is for everyone.

Season 4 of Mad Men airs Sunday night on AMC at 10 pm for more details on Mad Men Style with Banana Republic click here.

Unknown said...

I think I'm a curvy femme fatale like Joan. I love Mad Men and BR.. I will definitely check what BR has to offer.