Flaunt your curves, loves your curves embrace your curves we all know the story so how does Levi's the Grand Puba of denim make a jean for the curvier lady? Well a few nights ago Levi's invited bloggers to a launch party for Curve ID, an addition to their women's line for a lady with a fuller figure. When I say fuller figure, I don't mean Ashley Stewart, no disrespect to my plus size sisters. Curve ID is for the ladies with ample thighs, butt and hips and we yes, we come in many sizes and many of them are a size four or six. Many denim lines assume that if you wear a size 27 you don't have a feminine form. The assumption is you are either Twiggy or Zaftig, nothing in between. Levi's ever the innovator of denim knows that lovely lady lumps do exist and that within that there is a range of feminine curves. It's the hip to seat ratio that makes one a Slight, Demi or Bold Curve. I'm a Demi and I love it. No waist buckling, no baggy crouch, no pancake butt. Instead the Demi gave me a smooth waist, comfortable rise and no gaping hark the heavens sing!

If you're a curvy lady who has been scouring the Earth for the right pair of jeans to accentuate your boom boom, Levi's Curve ID is the new it denim. Find your ID and get free shipping and returns on any purchase of Curve ID just use Free910 at the checkout. Remember not all asses are created equal.