Fit, Fab and Frugal!

photo courtesy of ALO

Wouldn't it be just wonderful if what you wore was not only good for you but even better for the Earth? Well, the ALO line is just that. Based off of the concept of causing minimal harm to the Air, Land and or Ocean, the stylish line also carries excellent benefits for you. With it's technically advanced Bamboo Jersey fabric, the clothing not only absorbs moisture, it is also hypoallergenic and breathable. When I received my full ALO outfit, I knew I had to hit Zumba class and put it to the test. After a hardcore 45 minute workout nad being exhausted and sweaty my ALO tank was only slightly damp. My socks were drenched but my bottoms were still cool and crisp. In my heart I believe I was able to perform my killer Zumba moves better because I wasn't bogged down by my usual sweaty stinky tee shirt. To top it off, I was feeling pretty cute because I am notorious for leaving style at home when it comes to the gym.

ALO Colorblock Tank

You need to head over to the ALO site right now and be good to yourself as well as Mother Earth. Use the bloglove2010 code and save 20% off your purchase. Now you can save money, save the planet and look cute all at once. ALO you've got something here.