Thrifty Days

In my early years, I was not a fan of thrift stores. Like most children of the Biggie Era, thrift stores made me think crappy smelly clothes. I didn't even like hand me downs, until my uncle Kenny gifted me with my first vintage piece, a Navy pea coat. It still took me some years to get into vintage and finally thrift stores and well you know the rest of the story. I've done your local Goodwill and Salvation Army and I've usually come up pretty empty handed or usually shocked at the lack of finds. Unique Thrift put Goodwill and Salvation Army to shame. Located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, Unique Thrift is my new destination local for cool finds usually vintage. I left out the most important part, nothing there is over $19.99 and they have Customer Appreciation Mondays where everything is 25% off and the same discount applies if you have a V.I.P. card on Thursdays. Here's the thing about thrift, you need patience and keep an open eye. Your friend may score a great piece and when you visit you may not find anything. There is no formula, you just have to stay optimistic and understand the law of randomness. Unique Thrift is actually a 27 store chain with 11 stores just in the tri-state area. Here are a few pieces from my recent trip, hope you'll have as much fun and discover great pieces.

Sequin jacket

Fur coat

Secretary Blouse