Good Hair

Last week I attended a launch party for  a new product by Mizani  called Supreme Oil.  Held in the L'oreal Academy, I watched models with every hair type  and  of every ethnicity  have their hair styled, with   the use of Supreme Oil and resulting in every girl there having  glamorous and touchable hair. Gone were the days of the hard frozen curls that if you touch your hand will crack. Instead, all the models had soft, non greasy  luscious locks of all lengths.  Supreme Oil is composed of two surface oils, sesame and jojoba which soften and smooth hair, leaving a non greasy sheen on the hair. Along with the surface oils, Supreme Oil has an additional six penetrating oils including avocado, apricot, olive, argan, sunflower and rice bran. The penetrating oils provide a deep penetrating treatment to the actual hair follicle and nourishes the hair. 

Supreme Oil is excellent for daily use as well as a deep conditioning treatment.  In addition, Supreme Oil is  excellent   right before you do any heat related styling, a dash of Supreme Oil right before you hit your locks with the flat iron or curlers will do wonders. Also, to all my weave wearers, as long as the it's human hair you're cleared for Supreme Oil use.  With such high end beneficial ingredients as well as multiple uses, Supreme Oil by Mizani will become my new beauty product affair.