Let's Have A Toast To The Shopping Bags

Holiday season is in full force. There is simply no denying that people are spending money while we are still in a recession. I get it now cry broke January through November and spend freely the month of December and repeat. I love it don't you? Well, I believe that if you can't beat them join them or in my case, if you can't shop with them, you can still overdress them. With the holiday season comes shopping and parties. Office parties, Hanukkah dinners, Kwanzaa dinners and of course family visits.   Let's take some time out of our budgets and shopping frenzies, to donate to causes that many of us are all to aware of. Whether it's ASPCA, The Red Cross, Yele, Keep A Child Alive or  The Boys and Girls Club, give a donation  to an organization. 'Tis the season for giving, so give where it's needed.