Pin Curl Girl

courtesy of Glory Crown Blogspot
 If you know me, you know I am the pin curl queen. Some girls do  a wrap, some  do a ponytail, I do a pin curl before I go to bed. I like my hair to have a little wave and body to it. Flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons are the enemy to all hair if used constantly. Direct heat causes the hair to dry and become brittle and break. When I discovered the pin curl a few years back, I felt as though all of my hair prayers have been answered. Whether fresh and clean or a day or two in need of a wash, twirling my locks around my finger and pinning it into place makes my day. No setting lotion or curling iron needed just using your God given limbs and talents and no matter what the length you give a nice bounce and wave. You only need one supply and one product. I like to use long black bobby pins rather than the clips used when you go under the dryer. In regards to products I like to use a lightweight  styling oil such as Moroccan  Oil Light. If you aren't familiar with pin curling or you feel lost I posted a great YouTube tutorial. Take a look and tell me if you are indeed a pin curl queen.

Unknown said...

I usually tie my hair ina ponytail and find that it's always flat. I may have to try this out for sleep and see how it works.