'Tis the Season to Stay Healthy

It's the season, no I don't mean holiday season, I mean flu season. Yes, the flu which yours truly has been hit with earlier this year as well as right after my birthday. To deter the stuffy nose, aches and pains and all the other issues that the flu virus is known for I got a flu shot. After holding the hand of a stranger, I hopefully have kept that ugly little virus away for some time. No matter how healthy of a lifestyle you live, exercise, vitamins and vaccines, you can still get hit with a cold flu or even worse. True germaphobes attempt to keep the nasty germs away by washing as well as carrying anti bacterial gel. Well, here's where it gets tricky. Those anti bacterial gels only last for up to 15 seconds, yep, 15 seconds  so by the time you shake a hand or pick up a glass you have recontaminated yourself. Let's not forget that icky feeling the gels leave on your hand and the drying of your hands a side affect of the alcohol based gels.

Entering the market is Veripur, a hand sanitizer that give you up to 4 hours of protection against the most common forms of bacteria and viruses. In addition, Veripur has moisturizing ingredients such as Vitamin E and Jojoba oil so your hands won't dry out upon use. With Veripur you are protected against nasty little bacteria and viruses and your hands stay soft and supple. You know I love beauty products that have multiple usage.  No longer do you have to carry hand sanitizer and lotion, Veripur moisturizes and kills bacteria. Here is the best thing Veripur is travel and wallet friendly.  At 2 fluid ounces and priced at $4.99, you really can't go wrong with staying healthy and happy this holiday and flu season.  Check out your local Walgreen's to purchase.