Book 'Em

To  know me is to know  I am a major bookworm. No kindle or Ipad for me, I still love turning pages and getting lost in the  fantasy of great literature.  I'm a major fan of fashion or style related  self-help books. Usually, they
 all say the same thing, less is more etc. but the two most recent ones that  have really  opened my eyes. 
  The Ellements of Personal Style by Elle magazine editors Joe Zee and Maggie Bullock is one of the best style books of the year. Zee, known for his parts on MTV's The City highlights 25 women known for their personal style.  My style crushes actress Tracee Ellis Ross and singer Estelle are featured along with classic beauties Angelica Houston and Charlotte Rampling.  Thrown in are a few Hollywood it girls whom to be honest I never really thought about their style, I give more credit to their stylist but let me not judge.  The images are amazing, think celebrity style features mixed with shopping editorials. I haven't been this excited about a self hep book since The Secret.

Keeping with the style literary concept, another pleasurable read is  Harper's Bazaar Fashion: Your Guide To Personal Style. In comparison to Ellements, it's  is less profile more detail how to for those already knowledgeable  in style. Sort of like a cliff notes for those with a BA in style.  It highlights less of Hollywood and more socialites, designers and classic style icons. It's a true guide making points on individual style as well as dressing for specific occasions.  As a kid, I read Bazaar with a true zeal, the style pointers gave me a couple of ideas.  A healthy read for those that may feel like they are in a style rut.