Can You Really Shop A Sale?

  Your favorite shops are doing major major sales. This is where the kiddies become grown ups. If you really think you're a power shopper, than you will be able to score amazing pieces at a major discount. If you just shop to shop then you will acquire a boatload of crap you don't need and won't wear.  Here's a few tips to really do your best during this bargain season.

Buy Classics
They're still out there, the a-line skirt, the white button down, it may be hard but it's there. So if you see a neutral cardigan, or a pair of slimming black slacks, pick them up and of the price is that great, get yourself two.

Stay Away From Trends
 If you see a dozen pairs of sequin studded harem pants, back away slowly. For many trends should be few and far between. If you didn't wear it in it's peak, there is a strong chance you won't wear it now. Save your money and buy classics.

Only Buy The Size You Are Right Now
If you are an 8, stay away from the size 2. Simply put, don't get wrapped up in buying it because it's cheap and not your size. Nuff said, you look stupid.

Fill The Holes In Your Wardrobe
Are you missing certain staples, like a great cocktail dress, or an evening clutch?  How about new flats or a power suit?   Don't even get me started on diamond studs. If you see any of those items still in the stores, hop on it super quick. If not you'll spend the rest of the year looking trying to fill the gaps in your wardrobe at a higher price.
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