Fruit of The Goddess

 The say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, more like an avocado a day. Between guacamole and chips being the most amazing PMS food and fresh avocado as  deep conditioner for your hair, avocado is a power fruit.  Discovered in  Mexico and thousands of years later modern civilization is still using the avocado for food and beauty treatments.  I've made my own  discovery with avocado oil and its become part of my beauty regime.

Whether used for beauty or diet, avocado oil is bountiful in properties. Avocado oil is part of my haircare routine.  I lightly coat the ends of my hair every night to protect them  from splitting. Warmed up, it makes for an amazing deep conditioner treatment, and if you have a sensitive scalp while relaxing , coat your scalp with this power oil and I guarantee your scalp will not burn away.

Have dry skin? Rub avocado oil  before you hop in the shower, dry brush your skin and then rinse. Your skin will thank me. This double duty treatment will both retain  and add moisture as well as soften skin.  Beauty is power, the avocado is a power fruit. Get together with it and embrace natural and healthy beauty treatments.
BLK GRL said...

People often ask me how I keep my face so clear and smooth I often say I eat avocado. They think I am playing, I swear its the truth. I love avocados and have been saying for quite awhile it is a very very powerful fruit.

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