Resort Chic

If you have decided to brave the brutal wind and the black ice to head into your favorite shops you will notice two things.  First, everything is 75% off and the other is that Resort is being sold. I know you're like what in the world is Resort? It's not 7 days and 6 nights in Bora Bora, it's actually a terminology in fashion retail for a collection that happens between Fall and Summer. Also referred to as Cruise,  it was originally intended for a brands wealthier customers whom during the winter months vacationed in warmer climates.  Cruise or Resort offers warm weather apparel during the cold winter months. 

To all my cheap and chic divas, Resort maybe out of your realistic budget but if you going on holiday you will have to dress for the weather. Wondering what to do when your linen pants are in storage or in the back of your closet? Have no fear, here are a few quick and easy steps to head off to your own Cruise.

Put Aside For a Warmer Day
It maybe to late now but when you transition your wardrobe from season to season, try to keep a few pieces from the other season out. Fall and Spring happen overnight, you'll go to sleep at 40 degrees and wake up at 75 vice versa. To avoid those weather wardrobe shocks keep a few of  your favorite pieces within close reach.

Buy Transitional
Cotton, silk, denim, three quarter sleeves those are all key forms of transitional. Microfiber and and tropical wool as well. When shopping being a truly educated consumer and buy pieces that you can wear at least 75% of the year.

Layers Are Not Just For Cakes
Easier said than done, layering which I strongly suggest for the actual day of travel but also on days your not traveling.  Planes are notorious frigid temperatures plus the fact you are being transitioned from one climate to another. By layering light weight pieces, you can easily strip or put back on depending upon your body temperature.

Keep posted on more tips on having your best wardrobe and staying cheap and chic.