She's Got Legs


Two weekends ago I was out and about enjoying the city when I screamed in horror. I saw quite a few ladies standing online to get into a mediocre club teeth chattering and bare legged. All I could think of was why go bare legged in January in New York? Okay, I totally get it if you're hopping out of a Bentley and walking  the red carpet , but this was not the case.  I really don't get bare legs in the middle of the winter. On the coldest of days, that dry harsh air hits your bare skin and no matter what your race,  your legs will turn powdery white. There is no possible way you're preserving your sexy  if you look like you have  hypothermia.
There is a cure for the bare legged junkies, it's called  tights.  An  opaque tight is  just fabulous, they look rich and slimming all the things a girl wants to look and be. A matte leg against a bold colored shoe is a great look. A bright opaque tight paired with a little black dress is funky and fun.  Have a great summer shoe you want to still wear, add an opaque tight and watch the shoe take on another life.

When looking for the right  pair of tights  my go to brand is Hue. Great price and excellent quality,  Hue Super Opaque Control Top Tight is my hands down favorite. Slimming of the waist and hips and providing a sleek matte calf that men seem to find very sexy.

If the Super Opaque are just to dark for you, or to boring go for the Splatter Tight. No need to worry about accessories your legs will tell a good story. Instead of heading out in the brutal winter night, kick up your outfit with a great pair of tights and stay warm at the same time.