Beauty Breakfast Bonanaza

Lounge Area at the QVC Beauty Breakfast

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of attending the QVC Beauty Breakfast at Milk Studios.  Unlike fashion week where I am super aware of my outfit, I was far more worried about my skin and hair.  For one, my mane was a few days late of a wash so like any beauty gangsta, I hit my favorite quick salon Sisters, at 7 am for a  wash and set.  Feeling like a newly crowned woman, I jumped on the A train ( cue Duke Ellington) and applied a little color to my face while riding the iron horse.  Before 9 am on a Friday morning I was able to bring my best face forward to the beauty jury.

Upon my arrival,  I felt as though I had entered the equivalent of an cosmetic heaven for  beauty angelss.  Not only were some of my favorite brands as well as QVC's top beauty sellers present  but, the actual faces behind the  were there as well.  Cosmetic superstars such as Mally Roncal, Dr. Perricone, Josie Maran and Dr. Denese where there to speak in depth on their lines as well as newly launched and soon to be launched products. Yours truly was starstruck when haircare extraordinaire, Chaz Dean of Wen Hair and Body Care  ran his fingers thru my locks  to demonstrate his Replenishing Treatment Mist.  I couldn't help but blush a little,  Chaz, Mally, Dr. Perricone and the Smashbox Cosmetics team are iconic in the beauty industry.

 To add to the beautiful morning, guests received a bountiful amount of samples from each participant. To quote the good book , my cup runneth over. What I truly appreciated about the QVC event, was that unlike a counter in say a department store which is primarily sales driven, I was able to truly be  educated rather than sold to. For example, Dr. Denese  was quick to tell me that I didn't need a wrinkle cream or any anti aging agent. Beauty specialists have a tendency to play on a lady's insecurities to make a quick buck. For that Doc, I will be referring your products  to my  followers who are inquiring about anti aging.  Stay tuned for upcoming beauty related posts, between all the serums, creams and machines, I may  have to restructure my  beauty regime.  Take a look at some pics from  the event.
Close up of Mally Roncal's booth

Shot of the Smashbox Booth

Skincare Guru, Dr. Perricone
Supermodel and Beauty expert Josie Maran demonstrates her line