Can you keep a fashion secret?

Ask anyone in the fashion industry, everyone has their little fashion secrets. I'm not about to tell you which model has cellulite or which designer likes Popeye's for breakfast. When I speak of secrets I mean more of a  closely guarded fashionista trick. Now this may get me  banished from the inner circle but, my readers need to know.

Top editors and stylists love shopping in the children's section, myself included.  This whole varsity jacket trend, well, I jumped on the bandwagon via Children's Place, don't laugh, I actually think I look pretty rad and well, if you have any body issues, once you can fit into children's clothes and you are in your thirties, you will feel pretty good about yourself. 

I know what you're thinking, children's clothes- what the heck?  Get the images of super miniskirts and tutus out of your mind.  Lady fashionistas head over to the boys department, and maybe some guys but I can't speak for them. Between the tees, shrunken blazers and varsity jackets, a fashion forward thinker can do trends and classics faster and cheaper in  Gap Kids than Barney's.  To all my Moms, next time you're shopping for little Jimmy, grab yourself a tee or polo or  two and compare it with the ones you have and also compare the price.  I guarantee you'll start rethinking your wardrobe and your little guy will influence your style.