I Don't Mean To Be Short With You

Dear Disgraceful Short Wearers,

Summer is here, and as the UV Index rises and sunny days turn into humid hell pots I want you to reconsider your choice of attire especially when it comes to wearing shorts. Yes shorts,  as in the official clothing item of warm weather. How I have watched in agony as girls and guys have waged  a viscous attack on innocent bystanders as they pulled at their crotch or exposed their backside to way too many folks. I beg of you, keep in mind fit, age appropriateness and social norms.

So before you throw on those Daisy Dukes do a walk test, if you have to pull them out of your crouch every 2 steps, maybe you should hold off. As for the guys, before you throw on those boarding shorts take into account that shorts should not come to your ankles and they usually should not be worn with socks and slides and sweatshirts.  If you're reading and you know of such offending characters, pass this along. A good friend wants you to always  look your best and be your best. 

Love, Peace and Fashion,

All photos courtesy of Glamour.com