You Paid How Much For That?

Nicholas Kirkwood Suede and Metallic Platform Loafer Pumps


A few days ago my friend shot me a message about the price of everyday items. Not the price of gas or eggs or milk but shoes and how they are sky high. High end designer shoes prices are the equivalent of rent. Yes, rent whether it's your actual rate or your share the prices of a pair of Louboutins or Kirkwoods can shelter a young single girl in a number of major cities. When did prices get so ridiculous? Is it the quality,  the exchange rate or the cost of living?  How exactly do department stores as well as online luxury sites have the same price point and not the same overhead? Or is it the designer, keeping up with the insatiable appetite of luxury?  Would you fork over a week's salary or a month's rent all for the sake of fashion? 

I can't afford the Nicholas Kirkwood seen here. I doubt that if I could afford them that I would buy them. On these mean streets of New York also known as the concrete jungle where twisted ankles and damaged heel lifts are made of, dropping almost a thousand dollars on a heel that is going to make me stumble and visit Shoe Repair Plus every week is a definite loose loose situation. Unlike more car friendly cities with evenly paved sidewalks, New York is a pedestrian city full of congested individuals in a rush. I can for see it already,  yours truly  walking down Broadway attempting to keep my balance and avoiding  the cracked sidewalk.  I will gladly rock a pair of leather on leather heels for way less rather than loose money and face.  What would you do?