It's What's Underneath That Counts

 In previous posts, I've raved about Wacoal as making me a true believer in excellent bras. Not only does Wacoal use high end technology to create sexy, comfortable and supportive bras, Wacoal is also budget friendly. Sorry guys, gone are the days of Wacoal's matronly thick strap bras that your mother wore. Instead, Wacoal provides attractive, supportive and well made bras that both you and your mate will love.  Before you head off to the stores to buy boots, jackets and sweaters all in the name of autumn, take a good hard look at your bra wardrobe. Have  your bras lost their sexy, yes bras can loose their sexy. Are the underwires sticking out, the band loosing elasticity? It's time for a bra tune up and if your body has had any changes, it may also be time for a fitting. Yes, a fitting, no longer regulated for training bras and puberty. A woman should be properly fitted by a bra specialist whenever she looses as little as 5 pounds. A bra specialist will also show you to care for your bras. Handle with care and bras have life spans and maybe the ones you have are on their last leg or straight up dead. Keep in mind that  sexy starts from the undergarments  and up to the outer garments.   Ladies, get started on crafting a sexy foundation and let Wacoal be your guide.

Cathy Anderson said...

This bra is really great for buying a bra online without trying it on first. I love the wide shoulder straps. I love the seamless cups. Barely there sleep bra very comfortable and it looks good under clothes.