Taking The Week In

Fashion is making me hungry. More like the color scheme of Spring 2012 is giving me a sweet tooth.  Between the mint greens and cotton candy pinks, I've wondered if designers have gotten their inspiration from carnivals and fairs. When I'm not hungry for the pistachio greens and salmon pinks I get very nostalgic. The silhouettes presented at shows such as Theia, Rebbecca Taylor and Lela Rose are very early sixties.  The Mad Men craze and the era it spawns from  has had such a lasting affect on fashion I sort of fear each new season as the opposing silhouette will most likely be a complete 360 from the wasp waist and a-line hips I love so dearly.  Certain trends like sequins, are becoming staples on the catwalk and designers are reinventing new ways to add dimension and sparkle to evening wear in addition to separates. We're at the half way point with New York Fashion Week with Carlos Miehle, Bagdley Mischika and Douglas Hannant along with a host of others to look forward to. Stay tuned for coverage.