Have A Green Day

I get a lot of questions about my skin and my aging process. Where as I can't pass for a teenager anymore , I think that being on the other side of thirty I look pretty decent in the face. Honestly, I have a formula and a lot of it has to do with green tea. As I write this I'm sipping on my first of about three cups today. I'm not reversing time, but I'm trying my best to not crumble as quickly.
Lipton is one of the most recognizable names in beverages and probably the most recognized in teas.  While drinking  green tea has been the norm for years  in distant lands,  it's health benefits have been praised  only in recent years here in the US.  I've done a previous post on it's virtues  however, as much as we may like to take care of our bodies, by buying certain products labeled good for you, we can possibly be creating harm not only to the environment but other humans and their labor used in that process. As the world's leading tea producer, Lipton's mission is to maintain sustainability.  Working with the Rainforest Alliance, Lipton wants you to know that by purchasing  and consuming their green teas you are maintaining bio diversity, upholding labor practices and ensuring economic viability. It's a tall order but by 2015 Lipton wants all of it's tea bags sold globally grown on Rainforest Alliance estates.

Green and Black tea are superfoods rich in anti-oxidants and flavonoids. Although I like to praise it's links to great skin and naturally increasing metabolism, both green and black tea have been linked to promoting healthy heart function as well.  I may  love a stunning complexion but,  a healthy heart truly overrides anything else.  Lipton  teas can be found in big box stores, supermarkets and drugstores. Here's a little tip,  if you're looking to curb your addiction to sugary drinks loaded with empty calories, and can't do it cold turkey, try to substitute one cup of green tea a day and gradually build up until you have eliminated it from your diet.   You can be as well dressed as you want but without your heath, you're nothing. Remember you  only  have one body treat it good and it will treat you good.