Lips Don't Lie

Smiling with Artistry's Golden Berry gloss on my smacker.

From time to time I find myself getting bored with the over 50 varying shades of lip colors I own.  Whether it's glosses, stains, or lipsticks I've grown bored with my stash.  I've been going through the motions and  merely applying and not saying wow to my kisser. Recently, I've  had a resurgence of lip color and now I can say  my pout is back on track.

During NYC Fashion Week Amway owned beauty line Artistry, set up camp in the  Empire Hotel and provided complimentary make overs as well as skin consultations.  While our skincare regime was dictated by the professionals, us lucky insiders were able to pick and choose our own lip products.  When it comes to gloss I usually go for a shade close to my natural lip color with a formula that isn't very waxy. My days of MAC lip glass are long gone but I still find lip gloss to be a great beauty pick me up. A few weeks later, my  package arrived and the first thing I did was  pull out the Artistry Lip gloss in Golden Berry and applied. FYI, it was around 8 at night and I'd just come in from the gym. I was smitten,  it was my dream  lip gloss, rich in moisture and lacking in waxiness,  not too pink and not too sheer with a slight  touch of gold for shimmer. Artistry's gloss is long lasting, I could go about 3 hours before doing  a full reapply. It's moisturizing as some of the ingredients include jojoba oil and the most important factor is that  it compliments a myriad of complexions. For more details about Artistry head over to their site here.  The opening shot is my mouth in Golden Berry don't you love it?  It's become such a favorite of mine I'm thinking of getting a few more to have in every handbag.
Artistry Lip gloss in Golden Berry

Quick fast, I'm hot and heavy with Golden Berry by Artistry but I'm having a little fling  with Vincent Longo's Perfect Shine Lip Gloss in Di Vino and Face Atelier's Lipstick in Revenge.  It's not cheating it's more like  a lady has to have options. Kisses!

Vincent Longo Perfect Shine Lip Gloss