Ready to Rent Chanel

Vintage  CHANEL Classic Black Coco Bag Rental $350

When I received an  invite last week to attend the launch party for What Goes  Around Comes Around and Rent the Runway collaboration for vintage Chanel I died ( insert Rachel Zoe voice joke).   I have a strong feeling that  a large number of Chanel loving gals about town died from all the  jumping  for joy knowing that they now have access to rare and stunning pieces of French fashion finest for a fee.
Vintage CHANEL Beige Mint Quilted Bag Rental $325

Vintage CHANEL CC Cambon Earrings Rental $125

For all those true  Chanelophiles, RTR is offering a  well edited range of both jewelry and handbags curated from the vintage gods at What Goes Around Comes Around.  Available for 4 or 8 days, and ranging between $100-$350, this sound nasty but, this is one of the best threesomes ever.  Honestly, you have one of the most coveted classic labels, a premier vintage collector and last, one of the best fashion e-commerce sites to launch in the past ten years working on bringing rare upper echelon accessories to the masses. No longer do you have to beg your rich aunt Sally to leave you her quilted  Chanel in her will, or eat Ramen noodles for a year straight, to get your own.  You can posses a piece from the house of Chanel for a few nights at a reasonable price.  With prices retailing from $880 to $5200, a rental fee is a mere fraction of it. This is the epitome of truly fab and frugal. I'm going  crazy about each piece and can't make up my mind hopefully, it will still be there once I narrow it down.

Vintage CHANEL Antique  CC Loop Bracelet Rental $100

Vintage Chanel Black Lux CC Earrings  Rental $100