Secrets of A Sample Sale Lover

Friday October 28, outside the YSL Sample Sale

This past Friday beginning  at 7:30 in the morning, I stood outside the Metropolitan Pavilion waiting to get into the YSL Sample Sale.  Yes, you just read 7:30, as in I left my very warm and cozy apartment at 6:30, also known as  before the crack of dawn, boarded the train and then stood  online for over an hour in winter like temperatures all to partake in the ridiculous affects of capitalist consumption. Hey don't judge me, I ended up not buying anything after the long wait, but I  had a blast with my French friend whom had never experienced a sample sale on this epic level.  Oddly, I have very low expectations when I attend sample sale especially the YSL one. I only had my mind set on belts which are usually priced from $250 and up , in the past I've paid just  $25. Unfortunately, when I arrived the belt section looked exactly like the ones I had at home but I paced around tried on a pair of shoes going for $100, helped a few crazy shoppers narrow down their purchases, conferenced my mom a few times and finally I walked out feeling good that I didn't spend any money....there.