Spa Week Is Back....Fab Pampering, Frugal Prices

Twice a year the  Fairy Godmothers over at Spa Week give us folks who are fabulous yet, frugal the ability to luxuriate on a dime. Starting today and running until the 16th of October, your favorite spas are offering select treatments for only fifty dollars.  In the New York area alone, over 70 spas are participating.  Whether you've been holding off on a facial, body scrub or a sinfully serene massage, this week is the time to do it for yourself or a friend. The folks over at Spa Week had a kickoff party for media last week sponsored by Carefree. Drinks flowed while members of the press were able to sample an array of services including makeovers by Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics and  spa treaments by Spa Chicks on the Go to name a few. 

The beauty of Spa Week is not only in the services but, it gives folks a chance to sample the spa life on an economical scale. A spa treatment is part of wellness and good wellness promotes good health. So never look at a massage or any form of pampering as frivolous again, look at it as reviving and reforming your body from all the wear and tear. Hopefully I've conviced you and  now  you'll  head over to the  Spaweek site  and book a service at a participating spa. Remember you only have one life, you should live it well.