2012 Year of Beautification

I'm declaring 2012 the year of beautification  and what better way to kick it off than getting beauty tips from newly crowned Miss America, Laura Kaeppeler a beauty with an uplifting spirit to match.

I was able to chat   with Miss America about all things beauty at last week's Artistry 5:01 Party held at Bar Basque in Midtown Manhattan. The raven hair stunner was all smiles as she told me she likes to keep her beauty routine low key  but with  glam results and she found Artistry's products the key to delivering that.

Me with Miss America 2012 Laura Kaeppeler

Along with Miss America, the other star of the night was Artistry Brand Ambassador Bridget, who has done an amazing job on my face at past events. On this evening,  Bridgett  added some  smokey sparkle  to my eyes and a dewy lip using products from the  Escape to Paradise collection launching in March. Inspired by the colors of the Italian Riviera, the collection  offers a universal sultry and sophisticated look. Head over to their site to find out more about Artistry's Spring Trend Colour Collection.

Moi, after Brand Ambassador Bridget worked her magic with Artistry's Spring Palette

Moving on to another great American beauty and my ultimate style crush, Tracee Ellis Ross is a fan of Kiss My Face Honey and Calendula Moisturizer. With natural beautifying ingredients like grape seed and olive oil which both aid in the repair of skin and calendula an age old healing ingredient, the natural products are  key  to maintaining  natural beauty. Tracee who  recently celebrated her fortieth birthday looks stellar in her new BET show Reed Between The Lines.

The always amazing Tracee Ellis Ross is a huge fan of Kiss My Face products

Kiss My Face Honey and Calendula Moisturizer

The New Year air has been harsh  so I've had to retain the moisture being withdrawn  by these arid January temperatures. Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil is part of my daily routine from now until we get more moisture in the air.  Found in the natural beauty product capital of the world; the Amazon, maracuja oil is derived from a passion flower which is  high in essential fatty acids and Vitamin C. Found on QVC, this product has added dewiness to my skin and helped me reclaim the glow I seek year round.

Tarte's Maracuja Oil comes in this amazing packaging

Along with my face taking a brutal beating from the weather, my hands and to be more specific,  my nails are really taking a beating.  I've started to use CND Solar Oil which is a nail and cuticle conditioner.  Between harsh winds and constant hand washing, my cuticles can dry out in an instant. By applying the Solar Oil, I'm giving my cuticles a direct dose of moisture and putting an end  to my nasty habit of picking at my cuticles.

CND Solar Oil best nail treatment

We still have eleven more months to go  with the Year of Beautification get on board with these products and  remember beauty is a beautiful habit.