Beauty In The Eye of The Older

Where were you in 1992? That was the question last week as Avon celebrated the 20th anniversary of their ANEW anti-aging skincare line. Born in the decade most of us would  like to  forget, beauty insiders were able to bask in the  nostalgia while learning how Avon pioneered a sophisticated and price conscious  skincare alternative. All while rocking to tunes by Bell Biv Devoe and posing with Nineties icon Alfonso Robiero I realized  you have to have fun while you're getting older.

Leading dermatologist, Dr. Cheryl Karcher who consults on the ANEW line, wants you to know that we are in control of how we age to a point. Genetics may have a lot to do with it but, we have to reach a controlled balance of habits and environment to maximize great skincare. Getting enough sleep, having a healthy diet and staying away from cigarettes are a no brainer but we also have to develop a great skincare routine. With the leading technology ANEW has been the skincare answer to millions of women. With two recently launched  products, The Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid and Genics Eye Treatment ANEW is forging ahead with the anti-aging process.

Anew Genics Eye Treatment 
Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Liquid

The Smoothing Fluid works like a gentle exfoliate, removing dry areas and improving your skin's radiance.  The Genics Eye Cream has been designed to emulate the Youth Gene which  helps skin cells to act younger and boost collagen giving for a more youthful overall eye area. If you would have told me in 1992 I'd be thinking about anti-aging, I would have laughed my braces off. Well, twenty years later I've traded the braces for eye creams and   ANEW maybe getting older but it's keeping a lot of ladies from looking it. 
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