The Jersey Shore Shoe Promise

I made a promise this year that every time Ronnie and Sammi Sweetheart from The Jersey Shore broke up I would buy a pair of shoes. One of my friends from high school said that's a lot of shoes.  With January sales being so tempting I  have to  keep a promise.  Already I'm two in and that's just from a few episodes from reruns, I was catching up on. Luckily,  European fast fashion juggernaut  Zara, is having a massive sale so my wallets are not getting killed, speak to me next month wen Spring  arrives in  the stores, then I may have to declare the paper sandals you get in the nail salon as a shoe purchase. Let's not forget Pour La Victoire, the Hadley's seen below were also a coup de markdown. Hopefully, Sammi and Ron will weather the storm or I'll have to just purchase penny candy instead of shoes to keep up with them.

Pour La Victoire Hadley Boot $125.20 
Originally priced at $284 this boot is now more than 50% off
Zara Ankle Snakeskin boot $49.99
Adding Rock n' Roll to your wardrobe has never been better as they are now half off the original price

Zara Court Shoe with Mirrored Heel $49.99
Fab  night on the town   shoe was originally $89.99 which was still a good price