New Year, New You

Resolutions are abound in the New Year and I will admit I'm one of those losers who like to make a quasi resolution. Mine is to   banish my sugar intake by about ninety percent, key words, ninety percent as in not one hundred percent. I have to allow a glass of wine and  a piece of birthday cake for my friends born in January.

When I say sugar I really mean processed sugars found in  high fructose corn syrup and alcohol the two devils that I blame directly for my  recent weight gain. I drink my calories, and with my lifestyle it can be very easy to drink 500 calories per day and before you know it those skinny jeans are more like sausage casings. Giving up sugar is one of the hardest things to do. In my past experiences, yes readers, this is not my first time kicking  sugar in fact  this is my fourth  giving up the legal toxin. Sugar is in everything and unless you are truly eating a full on organic and clean diet you'll have a hard time truly removing processed sugar from your diet.

Sugar is introduced to our bodies very early. Many forms of sugar are used as rewards. For example,  how many of  us grew up with candy as a reward for good behavior? I will note that I grew up in a home that was pretty well nourished and there was more fresh food especially fruit than any other homes I visited. Unfortunately as I got older and life became more hectic I fell into a trap of bad habits and this extra ten pounds I'm carrying around is directly related to it.

In my previous experiences of eliminating sugar I've faced headaches and extreme cravings.  My trick to curb my cravings have been a cup of tea usually green or peppermint to calm my nerves and not make me reach for a Pepsi. In addition exercise is also an amazing way to curb cravings. The endorphins released from a work out of just 15 minutes will last for up to 12 hours. So next time you want to grab a brownie, do a set of sit ups and push ups and your craving will die off slowly.

I'm only a few days into this detox so wish me  luck, it won't be easy but I'm hoping to remove this legal toxin from my body slowly for a healthier and lighter me.

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