Dr. Martens Wants First Love

Dr. Martens' FIRST LOVE film was projected on the gallery wall

Love was in the air last week at the Forerunner Gallery were Dr. Martens launched the second half of their #FIRSTANDFOREVER campaign. Noted fashion bloggers from Fashion Indie, Tucked Style, and many others submitted imagery of their first love which hung on the gallery walls and showed a variety of definitions of first love. My first love was also present, shoes and not just any shoe but the classic Dr. Martens in their varying shapes forms and of course prints. 

Submitted images from participating bloggers line the wall at Forerunner  Gallery

Dr. Martens were a staple my freshman year of high school, I was channeling the grunge inspired fashions I saw in the magazines and I loved every moment of it. Maybe fashion is my first love but deep down, I think footwear. What's your first love and will it  be able to compete with Dr. Martens?
Dr. Martens Spring Summer 2012 

Dr. Martens Spring Summer 2012