Etienne Aigner: A Vintage Label With A New Look

Beekman Shoulder Bag 

Hutton Tote 

Variety of the Whitney Clutches 

Fall Winter Statement Necklaces  Etienne Aigner 

Fall Winter Bangles from the Etienne Aigner Jewelery Line 

Etienne Aigner is a label that most fashion geeks are familiar with. Well, fashion geeks, old heads and vintage collectors I think I'm two out of three. Vintage Shaun has about 14 Etienne Aigner pieces as of right now. As early as the 1950s the line became noted for great craftsmanship on leather products including belts, shoes and bags and some outerwear. With the trademark horseshoe and burgundy leather,  the line debuted it's Fall Winter collection of accessories that warranted a die hard fashion geek to go new instead of old. Great price point, great look and a well known name, Etienne Aigner is here to stay.