Fashion Week Survival Kit

New York Fashion Week is here and I'm more prepared than ever, or so I like to think. I have a sort of survival kit to make the next few days go as smooth as possible. Here are a few of my necessities to keep sane and fabulous.

Compact Handbag

Fleabag $440

Between the swag, the press releases  and of course  all of my survival materials. A compact bag is a necessity during New York Fashion Week. A major fashion faux pas is carrying multi bags or gasp, trolling the Tents with an old lady wheelie I've seen quite a few folks wander around with. The Midnight Original Flea is just that bag for Fashion Week.  Cute, compact and chic you couldn't ask for more.


Tom Ford Sonja Sunglasses 

Channel your inner Anna Wintour and block out the gazes from the haters with a cool pair of shades. From major editors, to fashion students a pair of shades  are a must for fashion week. These Tom Ford  frames give off a cool aloofness everyone is seeking at Lincoln Center.

Back up Flats

Ballasox foldable flats 

Stomping around in stilettos is a dream for us common folks. Between catching cabs, and running from the tents to off sites, your feet can take a beating.  Ballasox foldable flats are sort of like rescue 911 from high heel overdose. Throw a pair in your Fleabag and you won't hobble around town, killing your swag.

A Snack

Kraft Milk Bite Bars 

Contrary to popular belief, fashion folk eat and I believe that most folks are so bitchy  because their blood sugar is low. I try to keep a few snacks like a Kraft Milk Bite to keep my energy up running between shows and missing meals. Hungry is never in style ever.

Perfect Scent

I am not an advocate for masking  BO but as the day proceeds I like a quick fragrance pick me up. Shoemaker Aldo's new fragrance A is for Aldo is the perfect scent you can fit in your bag and spritz mid afternoon.

So I'm off to a very hectic few days. My bag is packed and I'm running out stay tuned for more fashion week tips.