Apples and Pear Get Their Own Control Freak

Wacoal knows that no woman's body shape is the same.  So they've introduced their new Control Freak Shapewear collection to address those problem areas we all face.

The Control Freak Shapewear collection is specifically designed to fit Apple and Pear body types, offering styles that are comfortable and supportive while accommodating a woman's unique shape.

Are You An Apple?
Is your proportion between your waist and hips not as curvy as you'd like?
Do you have a difficult time finding shapewear that is comfortable?
Does most shapewear roll down or pinch and grab you?

Wacoal's solution for Apple body types:

  • Proportionally designed for fuller waist and hips
  • Strategically placed panels to smooth and comfortably shape tummy
  • Rear panels lift for support and shaping to balance proportion of Apple body
  • Gentle leg opening for comfort

Are you a Pear?
Is your body proportion a smaller waist with fuller hips and thighs?
Do you have trouble finding shapewear that really fits your body?
Does  shapewear gap at the waist and pinch  your legs?

Wacoal's solution for Pear body types:

  • Proportionally designed for a smaller waist and fuller hips and rear
  • Strategically placed panels to smooth and shape tummy and hips
  • Accommodates fuller rear and hips unlike any other shapewear
  • Relaxed leg opening for fuller thighs 

Control Freak shapewear comes in three colors black, cappuccino and nude and retails for $38 your body and your clothes will thank you. 
Moonlady130mm said...

This sounds amazing! I can't wait to try the pear shaped product. Thanks for the heads up ;)