Colored Denim For Curvy Girls

Lavender, tomato or pumpkin are  not colors you think of when it comes to denim. A majority of denim wardrobes are  compiled of  ranging  shades of indigo throw in a  black pair possibly  gray and in  summertime a pair in white. I thought colored denim died in the 1990s along with LA Gears and Cross Colours,  but like everything in fashion, it's making a comeback.  Colored denim specifically  has sort of risen from the ashes of the fashion phoenix and become hot once again.

 Not out of  fear of reliving my awkward adolescence  but understanding my more mature body shape, I've passed on colored denim. The possibility of rocking a bright  color on my curvy  lady parts passed in the night. With  thick thighs and an ample booty I'm not one for drawing more attention.  That all  changed when I was gifted a pair of red cropped jeans from NYDJ last summer and while visiting the showroom earlier this week  to view the Spring Summer collection, I grabbed a pair of lavender ones as well.  

The beauty of  the  NYDJ line  is in the  technology of the design. Composed with just the  right amount of stretch for curvier shapes,  it also has a patented criss-cross panel that provides control in the front of the jean  so you won't get that ugly fanny pack gutt and a special Lift Tuck Technology that shapes and smooths you in the back.  When I came out of the fitting room, I let out a sigh of relief and then gasp of delight. I looked slimmer yet still curvy. The NYDJ promise of looking a size smaller was true indeed. 

To find out more about the colorful denim carried by NYDJ head over to their site or try on a pair at your nearest Macy's or Nordstrom. NYDJ give your butt a boost as well as your self esteem.