Rothmans Relocates With A Bang

They say that moving is one of the most stressful things in life, well veteran retailer  Rothmans, made  their recent move seem  glamorous. On a brisk Friday night, loyal followers, clients and  vendors of the famed retailer celebrated the relocation  from the Union Square flagship  to just a few blocks north to Park Avenue. For over 25 years  Rothmans  anchored Union  Square but  with the move, the space has increased from 7,000 square feet to 11,000. No longer the dark and warehouse decor of previous years,  instead a  lofty downtown industrial    design headed  by Lalire-March Architects. Although  still carrying masters of the universe labels which is  their bread and butter, a collaboration with Duckie Brown shows that Rothmans is courting  that  younger less formal male  client.  You can see the combination of old and new while rows of  suit jackets  line the wall and  vertically folded  vintage tee shirts  placed on  butcher like  tables frame the aisles.

With explosive energy and  a five song set, guests  musical group Caveman hit the stage in posh threads courtesy of Rothmans. Multi generations, nodded their heads and smiled in glee hopefully knowing they  could be fitted for a tuxedo a few steps away .

Rothmans 222 Park Avenue South
Open Sunday-Saturday
For more hours go to their website here