Stylish Sis: Solange Knowles

It must be hard being the little sister of one of the most famous women in the world but, Solange Knowles has carved out her own sense of celebrity hood that doesn't rival big sis Beyonce's but flatters and compliments both Knowles sisters.

Recently signed to Next Model Management, the 25 year old Houston native has become a sort of underground art, music and style phenom. With recent features in the Evening Standard, The Los Angeles Times, Time Out New York and British Vogue to name a few, Solange is coming out of her shell as the awkward mischievous younger sibling and carving a bohemian retro path full of amazing wardrobe combinations and  quirky musical collaborations all from her  quintessential Brooklyn home. Where as so many fight to break free  from the hoovering shadow of a famous sibling, Solange's manifest seems authentic and genuine. Even her blog entitled  MyDamnBlog lacks the quasi pretension that has infiltrated style, art and music. So while they'll always be a Roger Clinton or Jamie Lynn Spears, Solange Knowles is the opposite and just the  cool younger sister with her own hip style.