Clean Out Your Closet For Cash

Your closet is overflowing with items you will never wear. There either torn, too small or too big or a random drunken purchase that should have never happened. This weekend, clean out your closet and rework those classic pieces into your wardrobe, donate the rough stuff and sell your gently or never worn items to either Beacon's Closet or Buffalo Exchange. Now don't get crazy and bring everything and the kitchen sink down to any of their numerous  locations .  Use your fashionista judgement before you even think about taking anything stained, ripped or worn to the sole. Ask yourself, is this the right time of the year for this item, would you buy if you saw it. Many a times I see folks bring in dirty clothes expecting to cash in like it's Lotto. It's downright offensive.  Not sure what you can sell, well as a  first timer  do a quick run through of your nearest Buffalo Exchange or Beacon's so you can get a feel for the types of merchandise they carry.  Study the customers and merchandise as  there is a big difference in clientele and merchandise  from the Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg,  than the one in the Village or Park Slope.  Also, don't get offended if they don't take all of your stuff, I've seen top fashion editors get rejected it's nothing  personal. So gather your bags, pour a glass of Chardonnay,  head over to your storage/closet/bins and    create a keep, donate or  sell pile and make some cash.