Organization Can Be Fun

Last week Post-it  Brand held an event at Cult Studios to showcase their  2012 collection.  The event was a Mecca for an organization geek like myself.  My lists have lists. Although I strongly embrace technology and all of the  benefits, when it comes to being organized, I'm a traditionalist. On the side of my bed I keep a notebook, to jot down late night inspirations. I still carry a day planner which I strongly believes helps me to remember much better than the  app on my smart phone. Clearly, there is still a market for the traditional organizer and Post-it Brand ,  in all it's glory makes organization and it's cousin creativity come into full light.  The  Post-it  Brand even  has their own  commandants include keeping it simple, neccessorize, trigger your creativity, set your thinking free and make things possible. For all the dreamers out there, one of the best ways to bring your dreams to creation is not by thinking or speaking but writing it to  existence. Dr. Michele Borba, a child expert who has for the second year been a featured speaker at Post-it  Brand events believes that organized and responsible children make for successful adults. In the past fifty years, some of the best ideas have come form jotting it down on a Post-it Note.  Whether it's a grocery list, a reminder to self or a simple I love you, a Post-it  Note can make your thoughts come to life. Take a look at some of the images from the Post-it  Brand party and see how much fun organization can be.

Child expert, Dr. Michele Borba gives tips on family organization

Guest offer words of encouragement to recent disaster victims

Creativity goldmine with Post-it