Top Products For Dry Hair

Whether it's styling, processing  or weather; dry dull hair can have a major impact on our self esteem. To keep your locks well moisturized and free from split ends, here are the top anti-dryness products. With acclaimed ingredients noted for retaining moisture, try some or all and reclaim that healthy mane.

 Pre Shampoo Treatment

If you have coarse thick hair that suffers from dryness, the pre-poo is the first step to take in banishing dry hair. I stumbled upon Umberto Collagen Pre-Shampoo Treatment just last month and it's become my go to pre-poo. It's suggested to apply to your hair at least twenty minutes before you wash out with a shampoo, depending upon how much time you have, I like to sleep in it giving it a longer period of time to work it's magic.


I go back and forth in regards to how much we really need shampoo. For me a pre-poo and a deep rinse usually does it but for many, a shampoo is still needed.  Go for cleansers that list ingredients high in moisture addition and retention and low in stripping agents. It's a good thing if you see any oils; argan, avocado, olive etc as well as shea butter. Stay away from stripping  and heavy lathering agents like sulfates. Kumani Shea-poo Daily Shampoo will help you retain the moisture that shampoos are notoriously known for stripping from your hair and it's gentle enough to use daily.

Deep Conditioner

There are so many great deep conditioners on the market, that it's hard to choose a favorite.  Miss Jessie's Rapid Recovery Treatment  states that it is " The Best Darn Deep Treatment Period" may just be true.  In just one treatment your locks bounce back to silky and shiny not bad.

Leave In Conditioner


  An ideal leave in  conditioner is not so heavy that it weighs down your hair from styling but has just enough additives to keep your hair soft and shiny while it's drying. Product junkie that I am, I've been committed to just two, alternating every time I wash. Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner and Amika's Leave In Cream are on heavy rotation. Both are light, smell great  and provides you with manageable hair ready for the blow dryer or if you'd like,  air dry.  

Daily Styling 

Keeping your locks healthy doesn't stop during the cleansing process. Depending upon the thickness of your hair, apply a lightweight oil to keep your ends moisture balanced. Exposure as well as fabrics can do your hair harm. Organix Shimmering Keratin Oil, is lightweight adds sheen and tames fly aways. It's also excellent to apply right before your blow dry or flat iron.