What To Wear For A Better Workout

I use to be one of those people who wore whatever to the gym. My only need was for it to be clean. My gym outfits consisted of basketball shorts I held on to from middle school and the varying concert tees I've collected throughout the years.  Those garments  were far from conducive to me having my best work outs.  The tee shirts were weighing me down with perspiration, the  pants were either too  bulky or too  tight hindering my form as I was strength training or falling down every time I did a squat. It wasn't until I was introduced to ALO a line of yoga clothes and active wear did I realize what I had been missing.The technology of ALO's Color Block Strap Tank  made it easier for me sweat. Yes, sweating can be easy especially if your clothing has built in mesh for breathability  and ventilation.

ALO Color Block Strap Tank $48 

Before my fitness enlightenment,  when I wasn't wearing my take on vintage workout shorts, I  would also wear these  leggings no longer suitable for day to day.   I thought  they were decent enough for jogging,  boy was I wrong. The unflattering sweat stains in not so strategic locations were not my only issue. The combination of a low waist band and a curvy bottom makes for a lot of stopping mid workout to hike up your pants to avoid   mooning  the world. That's where the Relay Capri from Athleta saves the day. Just this past Friday, I took a kickboxing class and  for  an hour I kicked and squatted myself until my legs turned into jelly but not once did I pull up my pants.  The Relay Capri and it's relative the Relay Tight are composed of a  high waistband, and movable crotch  area with a  decent length  inseam enabling you to perform a more high impact routine.

Athleta Relay Capri  $69 

On days where I take a low impact workout, I've become addicted to Macy's new line Ideology. Endorsed by Dancing With The Stars champion Cheryl Burke, the movement friendly line is excellent for my yoga, pilates or pole dancing classes. When you are  doing wide stretches and very fluid movements, you never want to turn overhead and your tee shirt suffocates you.  What you also want is freedom for your  joints to allow for your body to reach its full potential with flexibility.  I'm looking forward to wearing my Seamless Sports Bra by Ideology at my newest fitness craze Ballet Barre. The seamless bra doesn't squeeze into my shoulders or upper rib cage allowing for easy breathing and movement. It's a a lightweight garment that is still supportive.  Workouts can get a little easier, just wear the right stuff.

Ideology Seamless Sports Bra $10-$19